Fitting Dimensions
built-in unit in cm (H x W x W): 90 x 53 x 21 / 80,7 x 49,2
Έκδοση:                                               Ανακύκλωση
Maximum Airflow: 550 m3/h
Absorption speed: 5,1 m/s
Noise level: 39-72 db(A)
Total absorption: 175 W                 
Color: Black
Energy Class: Α+

Induction Hobs
Controls: 9S+B electronic rotative
Power Limitation: 7,2 kW
Voltage: 220-240 V
Cooking zones: 4
Cooking zone dimensions: 220x184mm-2,1/3,7 kW

 Melting Mode|The temperature is kept very low (below 50°) to ensure that the ingredients melt completely, without the need to stir them constantly and without the risk of them sticking to the bottom of the pan.

 Warming Mode|With Warming Mode, food already cooked is kept warm while you continue cooking.

 Simmering Mode|Controls the power level of the cooking zone, allowing food to simmer for long periods of time, preventing overcooking and possible overflow.

fast boiling|Ideal function for foods that require faster cooking.

Tasty Fry|The powerful induction system allows the oil to reach the ideal frying temperature (180°) in half the time compared to traditional hobs.

Automatic Cover Detection|The hob is equipped with special technology that automatically detects the presence of cooking utensils in the cooking zones.

 Αcomfort noise|Elica manufactures hoods that at the highest volume do not disturb those present in the room.

 Long-Life Filter++|Καινοτόμο φίλτρο αέρα της Elica που μπορεί να αναγεννηθεί και διατηρεί τα χαρακτηριστικά του έως και 5 χρόνια.

 Easy Maintenance|Fat & odour filters are easily removed so that they can be cleaned and reinstalled immediately.

 Autocapture|The absorption system automatically adapts to the number and power of the cooking zones used.

 Zone Bridge|Allows merging of two adjacent cooking zones, maintaining a uniform, constant temperature, even with large quantities of food.
 Child Lock|Provides safety by preventing the device from being accidentally activated.




Noise level

Energy class

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