Fitting Dimensions
in cm (H x W x D x L): 88 x 51 x 21 / 84 x 48,7
Maximum Airflow: 550 m3/h
Absorption speed: 5,1 m/s
Noise level: 53 - 68 db(A)
Total Absorption: 310 W                        
Color: Black glass
Ceramic filter: KIT0120952A
Energy Class: Α

Induction Hobs
Controls: Rotating                            
Cooking zones: 4
Power: 7,2 kW
Voltage: 220-240 V  

Cooking zones dimensions:         
- Semi-rapid 1,75 kW
- Dual 3,5 kW                                                         
- Rapid 3 kW                  
- Semirapid 1,75 kW

The first gas cooker with an integrated hood. Designed to showcase the tradition of flame while combining the innovation of a powerful built-in absorber.

The NikolaTesla Flame advanced cooker was developed by safety standards to balance the flames of gas cookers and a new way of absorbing that replaces the traditional kitchen hood.
The flat mesh panels are carefully designed to facilitate every movement, while the back cover completes the set by adding a stylish and useful support base. Grease and high-performance regenerated odor filters can be easily removed from the top.

 Long-Life Filter++
Innovative Elica air filter that can be regenerated and maintains its characteristics for up to 3 years, avoiding unnecessary replacements and costs. It has a maximum efficiency level of approximately 80%.

 Easy Maintenance
The maintenance of the hood guarantees not only the hygiene of the kitchen but also the sustainability of the appliance. The grease & odor filters are easily removed so that they can be cleaned and reinstalled immediately.
 Multi Flexi Space

With the multi-flex space system, you have more free space when using large utensils. You can slide pots and pans from one hob to another without lifting them, thanks to the closed crossed grids which create a smooth and even surface.




Noise level

Energy class

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