Fitting Dimensions
in cm (HxWxL): 83 x 51 x 21 / 80,7 x 49,2
Maximum Airflow: 550 m3/h
Absorption speed: 5,1 m/s
Noise level: 53 - 68 db(A)
Total Absorption: 310 W                          
Color: Black glass & cast iron
Odour filter Ceramic: KIT0120952A
Energy Consumption: Α

Induction Hobs
Controls: 9P+B slider touch control
Cooking zones: 4
Power Limitation: 7,2 kW
Voltage: 220-240 V  
Cooking zones dimensions:        
160 mm - 1.2/1.4 kW
200 mm - 2.3/3 kW 
200 mm - 2.3/3 kW 
160 mm - 1.2/1.4 kW

The NikolaTesla Prime induction hob with integrated air extraction is distinguished by its refined balance between aesthetic and functional details.

Long-Life Filter++
Innovative Elica odor filter that can be regenerated and retains its characteristics for up to 3 years.
 Easy Maintenance
The maintenance of the hood guarantees the hygiene of the kitchen and the longevity of the appliance.
The grease & odor filters are easy to clean and reinstall.

With the Autocapture function, the absorption system automatically adapts to the number and power of the cooking zones used.

 Keep Warm
Elica offers you the possibility to keep the food you've just cooked warm with the Keep Warm function.
This function can be activated for any cooking hob.

 Child Lock
A particularly useful function as it offers security by preventing the device from being accidentally activated.
The function can be activated when the appliance is on but the hob and hood are off.

Set the minutes and activate the countdown. In the end, the cooking area will automatically turn off and the beep will sound.

Pot Detector
The induction hob immediately detects the presence of a pot in the cooking area and provides heat only when it is positioned correctly.

Stop & Go
It has a "Stop & Go" function, through which it immediately stops any active cooking area with a single movement.




Noise level

Energy class

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