Dimensions in cm (H x W x L): 77,5-130,5 x 119,8-35 x 51,5
Max Airflow: 757 m3/h
Noise level: 32 - 60 db(A)
Total Absorption: 324 W                          
Color: Oak & White (soft touch effect)
Energy Class: A

The Elica Bio Island is the top choice of island hood.
It combines timeless design, high absorption, and energy saving.

Socket for tablet and USB charger
The ultimate convenience in cooking. The hood has a tablet slot so you can read your favorite recipe while you cook.

Sensor Technology:
The Elica Bio hood is equipped with a sensor that recognizes the quality of the cooking vapors and automatically activates the most suitable level of absorption. In addition, thanks to sensor technology, Bio analyses the quality of the vapors and self-adjusts, ensuring excellent air quality.

 Special Material
Bio is made exclusively from high quality materials.
Elica selects materials for the optimum balance between robustness, high aesthetics and ease of cleaning.

 Comfort Silence
Thanks to the trend in recent years to design kitchens in an open plan area with the living room, the use of a hood with as little noise as possible during operation is necessary. Elica has manufactured hoods that, at their highest volume, do not disturb those in the room.

 Tune White
The Tune White system allows the hood light to be harmonized with the rest of the kitchen lighting by adjusting the temperature of the LEDs between yellow light (2400K) and white light (5000K).

LED Lighting System
The product is equipped with an LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting system. The LEDs (4×2.5W 3500 K) provide the best possible illumination of the hob to facilitate cooking.




Noise level

Energy class

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