Dimensions in cm (H x W x L): 24.1 x 89.9 x 50
Max Airflow: 770 m3/h
Noise level: 43 - 60 db(A)
Total Absorption: 284 W                          
Color: Inox - white
Energy Class: A

Some hoods are designed to be different.
 The Cloud Seven falls into this category, making it one of the most unique hoods ever made.

High Performance
Extremely high aspiration 770 m3/h. Ideal for large kitchens or cooking practices involving intensive boiling, frying and/or grilling.

LED Strip Lighting
The hood has a Strip Led technology system for an excellent lighting effect. Its lifetime is up to 10 times longer than common lamps, while allowing for electricity savings of up to 90%. The maintenance of the filters is reminded through the Led, at regular intervals.

Easy, simple settings thanks to the Elica controller
The hood control makes it simple to adjust functions remotely and is designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the appliance.
Through the remote control, it is possible to program the device to be switched off, based on the current speed (power) of absorption.




Noise level

Energy class

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