Dimensions in cm (H x W x L): 73.7 x 86.2 x 11
Max Airflow: 750 m3/h
Noise level: 43 - 62 db(A)
Total Absorption: 317 W                          
Color: Cast iron effect & coverable
Energy Class: A

The Elica Getup hood emerges from your kitchen counter only when you need it! Thus, it offers maximum freedom of space, style, and aesthetic integration even in different kitchen styles, thanks to the different finishes (black, stainless steel, cast iron).
The dimension and position of the hood and the possibility of manual or remote control operation guarantee perfect integration into any countertop, maximizing drawer space without compromising performance.

The interaction with Getup is natural and intelligent. The user interface and Touch Control are easy to use and each function can be selected with almost a touch.

It is undoubtedly a unique hood that is unlike any other.

 Total Integration
Thanks to its simple design and its ability to sink into the kitchen counter, Pandora offers the ultimate kitchen homogeneity.

 Easy Maintenance
The material and finish of the hood make it easy to maintain the longevity of the product and the hygiene of the kitchen.
All its components, such as grease and odor filters, are easily accessible, washable, and quick to replace.

 Special Material
Getup is made exclusively from high-quality materials.
Elica has traditionally chosen robust, easy-to-clean, and aesthetically pleasing materials for its hoods, always perfectly balanced.

 Dim Light
The brightness of the room can be adjusted at any time to adapt to the time of day or what is happening in the house.
This lighting creates the desired atmosphere and reduces energy consumption.

 Revolution Filter
In the recycling version, the hood is compatible with Elica's new technology carbon filters.
Specifically, the Revolution Filter can reach filtering levels higher than 80%, compared to the average of its class which is around 60%.
In addition, Getup has the ability to move its motor up to 3 meters away from the suction point in order to save space in the cabinet.
You only need to purchase the remote motor kit KIT0166435.
 Elica Wi-Fi Connect

The hood is connected to Wi-Fi for easy and quick operation via theElica App" or even via voice commands.
In addition, the application allows you to monitor the status of the hood, thanks to periodic alerts related to its maintenance (filter change, cleaning, etc.)



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