Dimensions in cm (H x W x L): 150 x 80 x 42,4
Maximum Absorbency: 526 m3/h
Noise level: 64 - 69 db(A)                         
Color: Black (Soft touch effect)


The Open Suite Superior hood adds character to any space with its modular, adaptable structure and unique, recognizable style, creating a new "dimension" in the kitchen.
Starting with two basic "structures" (80 or 160 cm), you can create your own composition by adding extraction units, lighting panels, and a wide range of shelves: glass, metal, black metal wire mesh, and walnut. In addition, the shelves can be coordinated with the rest of the kitchen thanks to the optional frame.
Even the height of the structure is adjustable with great precision, so it can be installed in any space, regardless of the ceiling height.
The bottom of the product has a large, strategically placed LED panel. This not only provides excellent light when cooking but also creates the perfect ambient lighting for entertaining family and friends. The Dim Light function adjusts the brightness, while the Tune White function adjusts the LED color, from cool white to warmer tones, creating the perfect ambiance.
The Open Suite Superior guarantees maximum levels of odor filtration performance, thanks to the double extraction unit and the special environmentally friendly Long Life filters, which are renewable for up to 3 years.
Through the voice assistant and the Elica Connect App, you can turn the appliance on or off, adjust the extraction power level, and set the brightness of the light. Thanks to the app, the effectiveness of the filter can be monitored and any kind of assistance can be requested with a few simple clicks.

With the increasing proliferation of IoT (INTERNET of THINGS), managing devices with a Wi-fi connection is now common practice. Now we can control the hood with the Elica app or via voice control to turn it on or off, and adjust the speed or intensity of the absorption and the color of the light, simply with a click or with the help of voice assistants. The app also becomes a useful tool for product maintenance, thanks to periodic alerts that indicate its status, any cleaning operations required, or filters that need replacing.

Long Life Filter
In recycling mode, the Open Suite Superior accepts an aluminum grease filter and a long-life carbon filter. The carbon filter recycles and cleans the air before releasing it into the room.
The filter also has the ability to reproduce itself, its lifespan is up to three years and it is washable.

 Dim Light
The brightness of the room can be adjusted at any time, to adapt to the time of day or what is happening in the house. This lighting always creates the right atmosphere and reduces energy consumption.

 Tune White
The Tune White system allows you to harmonize the light of the hood with the rest of the kitchen lighting by adjusting the temperature of the LEDs between yellow light (2700K) to white light (5000K).

 Easy Maintenance
The material and finish of the hood make it easy to maintain, offering longevity of the product and hygiene of the kitchen. All components, such as grease and odor filters, are easily accessible, washable, and quick to replace.




Noise level

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