Dimensions in cm (H x W x L): 30,2 x 100 x 50
Max Air: 790 m3/h
Noise level: 38 - 53 db(A)
Total absorption: 188 W                          
Color: White frame
Energy Class: A

Architectural lighting and silent aspiration system!

The Skydome hood is an architectural lighting project, designed to enhance comfort in the kitchen by creating an unexpected atmosphere.

The powerful and silent aspiration system is cleverly concealed, ensuring maximum performance even at a considerable distance from the cooker.
The panel guarantees uniform and well-calibrated light diffusion on the work surface and the surrounding area, adjusting brightness and temperature to achieve the perfect atmosphere at all times.

 Total Integration
Thanks to its simple design, Skydome offers absolute homogeneity in the kitchen.
 Comfort Silence
High odor absorption and minimal noise level make Skydome ideal for open-plan kitchens.

 Smart installation
In Elica, we pay attention to every aspect of the hood, particularly the installation stage. Assembling and connecting the hood is simple and easy to understand.

 Tune White
The Tune White system allows you to harmonize the light of the hood with the rest of the kitchen lighting by adjusting the temperature of the LEDs between yellow light (2400K) and white light (5000K).

 Dim Light
The brightness of the room can be adjusted at any time, to adapt to the time of day or what is happening in the house. This lighting always creates the right atmosphere and reduces energy consumption.

Easy, simple settings thanks to the Elica controller
The hood control makes it simple to adjust functions remotely and is designed to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the appliance. Through the remote control, it is possible to program the appliance to turn off based on the current speed (power) of the hood.




Noise level

Energy class

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