Hood type: Built-in
Dimensions in cm (H x W x W):               25,9x60x30,3 cm (47,4 cm)
Maximum IEC Airflow: 757m³/h
Energy Class: A
Controls: 4
Color: Black
Energy Consumption: 50kWh
Switches: Touch
Filter type: 12-level stainless steel metallic filters
Carbon filters (optional): D 250
Noise level: 40 - 69 db
Output diameter: 150mm
Warranty: 2 years

IOS Pro Built-in hood

Advanced Series
A new range of hoods that combine high efficiency and low energy consumption at affordable prices.

Special Material
IOS Pro is made exclusively from high-quality materials.
Its modern and simple aesthetics make it ideal for every kitchen style!
It has a high-quality stainless steel finish and a touch screen for easy operation.

High Performance
Extremely high suction (757m3/h). Even on the first suction levels, the IOS Pro performs exceptionally well, with a particularly low noise level.

LED Lighting System
The product is equipped with LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting systems. The LEDs (3x2W) provide the best possible illumination of the hob to facilitate cooking.
-In addition, they last up to ten times longer than conventional lamps, saving 90% electricity.

Drop Control Multi-Level Metallic Filters 
The IOS Pro offers extremely high vapor and grease retention, thanks to the 12-layer semi-professional stainless steel filters.

Easy Maintenance
The cleanliness of the hood guarantees not only the hygiene of the kitchen but also the sustainability of the appliance.
The grease & odor filters are easily removed so they can be cleaned and reinstalled immediately, giving the motor longevity.

Extremely low noise levels
Noise levels of the IOS Pro range between 40-69 db(A).

Energy Class A




Noise level

Energy class

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