Stand-alone wine dispenser.

A specially made stainless steel tool that uses nitrogen vials for serving wine.
Each Nitrogen bottle promotes at least 4 bottles, which is about 3-3.5 liters of wine, and keeps your precious bottles open, for up to 3 weeks.
The only dispenser on the market that can be purchased separately per piece, in a set that includes the dispenser and 6 nitrogen vials for use in 24+ bottles.
It applies to all bottles, as it can be adjusted to the height of the bottle and the diameter of its mouth.

Easy to use, and a particularly useful tool for professionals. It ensures easy serving and ideal preservation of the open bottle for up to 3 weeks.
CV1T is the most economical solution to keeping bottles open for a long time. The dispensers alternate from one bottle to the next, with no limit to the number of open bottles.

Combine it with: CA02 - NITROGEN CARTRIDGES



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