Cooperation with TECE

KLIMATECHNIKI S.A., the modern Greek company with a leading position in the field of electrical appliances and sanitary ware in our country, announces its cooperation with the German company TECE, one of the largest manufacturers of sanitary ware and plumbing systems in the world, with a dominant position in built-in flushing toilets and other sanitary ware support elements, as well as floor drainage channels.
The strategically important cooperation concerns the domestic market, with KLIMATECHNIKI S.A., to undertake the exclusive distribution, marketing and promotion of TECE's top products, from 1 January 2022.
TECE, with a successful thirty-year track record in the sanitary ware industry, is one of the most recognizable and reliable choices. Its philosophy revolves around the consumer and his needs, which is reflected in the company's motto "Close to you". Proximity to the customer is a source of knowledge and development and for this reason, TECE places great emphasis on excellent quality, design and innovation.
With experience, know-how and customer-oriented commitment that counts more than sixty years, Klimatechniki is a leading company in both sectors where it operates. It maintains long-term and strong partnerships with leading foreign companies, while continuing its production activity in the electrical sector with expanded export activity in more than 21 countries.
The agreement of KLIMATECHNIKI S.A. with TECE, proves the scope of the reliability of the Greek company and the trust relationships that it has created during its long career in the Greek and international market.
Visit the new TECE Greek site at the following address:

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