Klimatechniki S.A. at the innovative technology exhibition "Thanks to Tech" of Kotsovolos

The audience will find themselves in a futuristic environment in the The Mall Athens on three three days 24-25-26/11, 1-2-3/12 & 8-9-10/12 for experiences and devices from the future!

NikolaTesla - H Elica's first induction hob - hood.

Η technology exhibition "Thanks To Tech" brings for another year experiences and devices from the future! Climatics SA will be there to give the public the opportunity to experience an unexpected union for those who like to think outside the box. From 24 November to 10 December every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, technology celebrates at The Mall Athens!

Specifically, during the exhibition, visitors will get to know the NikolaTesla, the first induction hearth with absorption of Elica, equipped with the most advanced technologies. It combines hood and hob functions in a single appliance and offers all the advantages of induction hobs, including easy cleaning.


It has a modern design, with strong lines and high quality materials.

Thanks to the double-bridge function, it allows the combined use of two adjacent cooking zones, so that large-sized utensils can be used.

The suction system, located in the central zone, achieves high levels of efficiency, exhaust, noise level and energy class A+. Thanks to direct communication with the cooker, it is able to receive information from the cooking zones, calibrate them and automatically apply the ideal absorption level, while reducing energy consumption. It has a 10-level touch control, which the user can set both on the hob and in the absorption zone.

Also, for the first time, the Snap Wi-Fi ventilator will be presented to the public, which can be combined with Elica's entire Stream range of hoods, as well as with the induction cooker hood. NikolaTesla.


Snap is an innovative product from Elica to absorb "bad air". It automatically monitors and improves the quality of the air indoors, adjusting its operation according to your needs.

The award-winning exhibition of Kotsovolos, which has become an institution, takes place for the second year in 4ο floor of The Mall Athens, and invites the public to three consecutive three days full of technology: 24-25-26/11, 1-2-3/12, 8-9-10/12, from 11.00 to 22.00. 130 state-of-the-art products with more than 50 of them not even released on the market!


At the same time, a big competition will offer unique technological gifts! The app Thanks To Tech is available on Google Play or the App Store and all they have to do is download it (from an Android or iOS smartphone), visit the exhibition and choose the device they would like to own!

Exhibition dates and opening hours:

Friday 24, Saturday 25 & Sunday 26 November

Friday 1, Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 November

Friday 8, Saturday 9 & Sunday 10 November

Hours: 11.00 – 22.00.

Entrance is FREE.

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